We are Heimplanet

There is a special word that only exists in German: Heimat. [ˈhaimaːt]

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We have Heimplanet called into being because we see opportunities for improvement

We have realised that our expertise can be used to find better fabrics, fairer working conditions, better trained manufacturers, cleaner production routes and more thoughtful designs. They say quality is about meeting expectations. Why just meet them when you can exceed them? We keep going until there is nothing left to improve. Is that an unrealistic goal?


"We make products that last a long time, are high quality and very timeless. For us, that's the best way to combat waste of resources."




All HEIMPLANET products are built to withstand the harsh test of time. We only use durable materials that are crafted to ensure long-lasting performance even in the toughest environments. If you ever find that one of our products is not performing as promised, just contact us!

1% For the Planet

1% for the Planet is a global coalition of companies that recognise the need to protect the natural environment. They recognise that profit and loss are directly linked to the health of the environment and are concerned with the social and environmental impacts of industry.


It quickly became clear to us that we could not simply take a fabric off the shelf to achieve our goals. Instead, we invested more time and energy in the - fundamental - development of a fabric concept. Our goal was not "just" to find a solution for the product line, but also to have an approach that would define our view of fabrics in general.


Shanghaiallee 21, 20457 Hamburg, Germany
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Monday - Friday: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Career & Jobs

What we are still missing: your energetic support! We are passionate about building a culture where differences are valued.

The company

HEIMPLANET is inspired by the excitement of travel.

When you travel, you feel alive. All your senses are awake and you always expect something new. You are constantly adapting to new situations, new people, new cultures and new environments. You have to rely on less and you can discover more. When you get involved in the experience, you not only get to know new things, but also yourself.




HEIMPLANET has just unveiled the company's new collaboration with Alpha Motor Corporation, the WOLF+™ Cloudbreak™. The special edition WOLF+™ Electric Truck is designed for open integration of various spatial structures.

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It was a natural progression of the dream tent concept to design a structure that incorporated this colour scheme, a homage to the storm shelters.

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