In recent years, we have received many requests to find a solution that allows you to hide away in one of our tents when camping.

That's why we introduced our Cairo Camo pattern in spring 2015. The new camouflage-like pattern will be available across our entire tent range and will improve your chances of remaining undetected in the wilderness.

The unique design is inspired by traditional Arabic patterns.

The geometry and the special colour combination create a unique three-dimensional effect that allows Cairo Camo to completely merge with its surroundings.

HEIMPLANET Cairo Camo offers the possibility to escape observation or discovery. It adapts to the colour and texture of its surroundings and interrupts the visual outline of the object itself.

To celebrate the launch of our Cairo Camo pattern, we teamed up with Polychromlab from Tyrol to design our first printed hybrid jacket. This jacket was available in a limited edition and is no longer available.

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