01, 10, 2021

1% for the Planet

1% FOR THE PLANET is a global coalition of companies that recognise the need to protect the natural environment.

They understand that profit and loss are directly linked to environmental health and address the social and environmental impacts of the industry. 

We have been part of the 1% FOR THE PLANET community for a number of years and will donate 1% of our sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. Instead of giving this money to 1% FOR THE PLAN ET, we will donate the money directly to recognised non-profit organisations of our choice and in return we will receive a certification from 1% FOR THE PLANET. Direct contact with the non-profit organisations is more efficient and faster, 1% FOR THE PLANET helps with expert advice.

Our planet can't wait!


The evidence is overwhelming: climate change is an imminent threat, our soils, waters and species are under threat as never before. If we do not act now, the viability of our planet and our quality of life - not to mention the health of our economy - are at existential risk.

If you are a business owner (or have influence over your boss), consider becoming a member of this socially and environmentally progressive group. By contributing 1% of our total annual turnover to organisations, we, the members of 1% FOR THE PLANET, are making real change. And members receive other benefits: The satisfaction of paving the way for greater corporate responsibility in the business world, and the recognition, support and patronage of conscientious consumers who appreciate a serious commitment to the environment.


 More info: onepercentfortheplanet.org

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