12, 10, 2021

Tent technology

Our patented multi-chamber safety system allows you to youto inflate the entire Airframe (IDG) in a single step.


In addition to their great stability, geodesic domes offer a very efficient structure due to their excellent material-to-volume ratio. In geodesic tents, three bladder cross each other several times. This divides the outer tent surface into smaller sections, resulting in greater inherent and wind stability. The geodesic tent is therefore the first choice for very strong winds that frequently change direction. Snow loads are also no problem for most geodesics. This type of tent has proven itself especially in bad weather areas. Geodesics require few or no pegs in calm conditions. This is an important aspect when the ground is predominantly hard, e.g. in the mountains.

We have implemented this principle in our Inflatable Diamond Grid (IDG) in our inflatable tents. The inflatable geodesic structure is built from modular double-layered struts. This provides excellent stability and guarantees that our tents are easy to pitch - so you can get the most out of your trip.


Patented multi-chamber safety system

Our patented multi-chamber safety system allows you to inflate the entire Airframe (IDG) in a single step. After inflation, the Airframe can be divided into individual chambers, which ensures sufficient emergency stability in case one part is damaged, as all other struts remain stable. In addition, it is very easy to locate the defective part in order to repair or replace it.

Double layer construction

The Airframe feature a durable two-layer construction: an extra airtight TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) bladder keeps the air inside for an extended period of time and the outer jacket provides support and durability. The outer shell is made of a high-strength polyester fabric for extra strength and durability.

 2-in-1 valves for quick inflation and deflation

Each chamber of the IDG has at least one 2-in-1 valve, each with two closures: a non-return valve for easy inflation of the Airframe and a large opening for easy deflation. This allows the tent to be set up and taken down quickly and efficiently.

Set up

Inflating our tents works intuitively and follows a simple principle: Unroll, inflate & done! The special feature: Inflatable frame, inner and Flysheet function as a unit and do not need to be assembled. And this is how it works: Unroll the tent, close all valves, take one of the valves (whichever one you prefer) and inflate it with one of the Heimplanet-pumps or with any commercially available pump. Welcome home!


Dismantling the tent - just like setting it up - is very quick and easy. Simply uncover all the valve openings and most of the air flows out by itself. Squeeze out the small remainder, roll it up, pack it away and off to the next location!

Simple repair

All parts of the Inflatable Diamond Grid - IDG can be easily repaired or replaced. Even with the most resistant materials, damage cannot be completely ruled out. The inner Bladder can be easily patched or replaced. Should the Strut ever become damaged, it too can be replaced.



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