Helinox is one of the world market leaders in the development and production of high-quality outdoor equipment. Especially the Chair One is one of the best, if not the best camping chair on the market.

By using the exclusive TH72M aluminium alloy, DAC is able to produce extremely lightweight equipment with outstanding strength and durability.

We were honoured to work with Helinox and combine their outstanding products with our signature Cairo Camo pattern. To complete your camping gear, we have produced a limited edition of the famous Chair One and Table One in our Cairo Camo pattern.

The Chair One comes with a carry bag that can be easily attached to the frame for storage. The carry bag has a strap ladder and two large tabs for easy attachment to a backpack, bicycle, motorbike, etc.

The Table One is a truly portable table for the wilderness that almost assembles itself Helinox style. The ultra-light frame is stretched through the mesh top and folds into a super-compact package when not in use. Two integrated drink holders provide stability and don't take up space you need for meals, maps, books or electronics.

Prepare your meals so that things are not on the floor, so that you can access them more easily and there is less risk of spillage. Eat your meals in style, without the "juggling" that interferes with the enjoyment of eating. Or use the table to keep delicate and valuable items safely off the floor - cameras, mobile phones, GPS navigation devices, etc.

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