HPT Store Hamburg

What started two years ago with the search for a new office has developed into a completely different project.

On 16 March we opened our first own shop, with a joint exhibition of German Roamers.

What started two years ago with the search for a new office has now developed into an extraordinary project of its own. With our new premises at Shanghaialle 21 in Hamburg, we would like to invite you to get to know us, HEIMPLANET with all its facets.

Upstairs is our office, the place where we develop our products and where you will find our team.


The rest of the space is open to the public. Grab a coffee and discover the products or HEIMPLANET products or lose yourself in one of the books we have selected in cooperation with Sauter + Lackmann.

Our goal is for this place to become much more than just a shop or shop. We want to use this space as a kind of stage for our ambassadors, partners and also other brands. This space is dedicated to the theme "Modern Outdoor", which we want to celebrate with regular exhibitions, workshops and collaborations.

We want to create a place where there is always something exciting to discover.

Welcome to HEIMPLANET.

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