01, 10, 2021

About us

... and where we come from!


HEIMPLANET is inspired by the excitement of travel ...

When you travel, you feel alive. All your senses are awake and you always expect something new. You are constantly adapting to new situations, new people, new cultures and new environments. You have to rely on less and you can discover more. When you engage in the experience, you not only get to know new things, but also yourself.


The journey of HEIMPLANET began in 2003 with the idea for a new tent concept, which came about during a surf trip along the Portuguese coastline. We travelled along the coast and therefore had to pitch our tent several times. One day we arrived quite late, it was getting dark and it started to rain while we were trying to set up our tent. That was when we started talking about the idea of improving a tent. At that time it was just funny to talk about a tent from the future. In 2011, the first inflatable tent THE CAVE was launched.

Since then HEIMPLANET introduced a whole range of products, all designed for a specific purpose. We combine the best technical features available with a clean and simple design. The result is extremely versatile products that are suitable for every trip and every day, wherever you go.

There is a special word that only exists in German: Heimat. [ˈhaimaːt]

It describes the place where you feel at home, the place where you belong, the place where you feel committed, the place that gives you the feeling that everything will somehow be okay, no matter what. We liked the idea of taking this feeling with us when we travel our planet.

OUR MISSION for the future

The reason why we exist is quite simple: we have HEIMPLANET into existence because we see opportunities for improvement. We realised that our expertise could be used to find better fabrics, fairer working conditions, better trained manufacturers, cleaner production routes and more thoughtful designs. They say quality is about meeting expectations. Why just meet them when you can exceed them? We keep going until there is nothing left to improve. Is that an unrealistic goal? Probably. Does every great ambition start with a fair amount of naivety? Absolutely! What's the point of being a modern outdoor brand if you don't take risks? Actually, we are not so much concerned with realism as with what drives us.

- Wipe out the space for improvement

When you explore the world and seek new perspectives, you realise that while we are individuals, our world functions as one, a living, breathing organism. And that is exactly how we should stand together as human beings - united. We are all dependent on each other. This makes it all the more important to treat each other and our planet with respect, tolerance and empathy. By the way we design our equipment, we transfer this attitude to our daily lives. We are all in the same boat. All we can determine on this journey is which path we take, what we take with us and who we can touch along the way. Together we define the meaning of "modern outdoor".

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