ICE-SAR Mavericks


ICE-SAR: Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue

Independent associations play an important role in prevention and rescue work in Iceland. Thousands of volunteers are involved in ICE SAR rescue teams, accident prevention sections and youth sections. Their common task is to prevent accidents and save lives. To fulfil this task, groups of volunteers are available all year round.

ICE-SAR also oversees a traditional Icelandic feature: the eye-catching orange shelters that can be found all over Iceland - the shelters served as our inspiration for The Cave XL 4-Season tent, which we developed together with 66°North. The famous shelters offer travellers protection from storms, rain & snow should they find themselves in distress. These huts are also looked after by Icelandic volunteers.

To enable the ICE-SAR to provide mobile assistance, we have produced our MAVERICKS - which is specially designed for extreme conditions - in signal orange (as we did with The Cave XL 4-Season Limited Edition). Two of these Special Edition Mavericks tents are now in use by the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue.

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