HEIMPLANET has just unveiled the company's new collaboration with Alpha Motor Corporation, the WOLF+™ Cloudbreak™. The special edition WOLF+™ Electric Truck is designed for open integration of various spatial structures.

The cargo area serves as a mounting platform for our Cloudbreak™ Geodesic Tent, creating an entirely new mobility solution and opening up a world of new possibilities for outdoor adventures. The vehicle was unveiled in the special Carmel White colour, inspired by the famous sandstones of Carmel Beach in California.

The Cloudbreak™ tent is a functional platform for relaxing, with two rear access points leading to large entrances. The material composition of the tent includes weatherproof, durable and high-quality materials such as high-strength, tear-resistant polyester.

"Cloudbreak is a design we have been working on for quite a while. We have been looking for the perfect structure that guarantees stability and offers convenient access. Many structures offer either one or the other, but with this geodesic structure we found the perfect balance. For the Alpha Motor Corporation collaboration, we adapted the shape to the dimensions of the vehicle while allowing two separate access points. The result is a unified vehicle and tent shape while retaining full functionality," says Stefan Clauss (HEIMPLANET co-founder).

The dimensions of the CLOUDBREAK+™ tent are approximately 4,358 mm (172 inches) in length, 3729 mm (147 inches) in width and 2321 mm (91 inches) in height. The material composition of the tent includes 140 HPE Dacron / HT Polyester and 70D dope dyed HT Rip Stop Polyester PU 5000.

The vehicle dimensions of the WOLF+™ are approx. 5,150 mm in length, 1980 mm in width and 1760 mm in height. The cargo area measures approximately 1652 mm in length, 1490 mm in width and 458 mm in depth and offers a total of 40 cubic metres storage room on the cargo area. An additional length of 1016 mm (40 inches) of the cargo bed can be achieved with a cargo bed extension.

The vehicle composition of the WOLF+™ is steel, aluminium and carbon fibre. It is available with four-wheel drive (4WD) or rear-wheel drive (RWD) and has a towing capacity of 3,050 kg (6,724 lbs) and acceleration from zero to sixty miles per hour in 5.9 seconds. The vehicle is said to be equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 75 to 85 kilowatt hours and an estimated range of 275 miles.

HEIMPLANET and Alpha are innovators in their respective industries, and their research and technology development teams work tirelessly to create a better outdoor experience. This convergence of ideals has led to a collaboration that aims to define mobility through the unexpected perspective of adventure.

"Why only meet when you can also exceed? We keep going until there is nothing left to improve. Is this an unrealistic goal? Probably. Does every great ambition start with a fair amount of naivety? Absolutely! What's the point of being a modern outdoor brand if you don't take risks? Actually, it's not so much about being realistic, but about what drives us," says HEIMPLANET.

"Our path is based on coexistence with nature," says Alpha Motor Corporation. "ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) will shape the future of the automotive industry and upcycling is an important solution".

"Creativity is the main component of mainstream upcycling, and this goes beyond technology. We are passionate about finding sustainable mobility solutions that people can truly appreciate," Alpha Motor Corporation adds.

"There is a special word that only exists in German: Heimat. [It describes the place where you feel at home, the place where you belong, the place to which you feel committed, the place that gives you the feeling that everything will somehow turn out all right, no matter what," it HEIMPLANET more.

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