We are so excited to share and celebrate this news with you!

In previous Carry Awards, Carryology has given the "Brand of the Year" to bigger brands. And while these bigger brands certainly deserve their awards, smaller "up-and-comers" often have a hard time competing in this category. That's why this year Carryology has put the focus on small brands that are making waves. Emerging brands that are doing big things in the carry industry.

Quote from Carryology:
"OurBrand of the Year doesn't shy away from big challenges; it strives to release meaningful designs, drive sustainable practices and promote the longevity of its products.... Since then, HEIMPLANET has continued to expand its offering, entering the carry space with release after release, designing bags for urban commuting, active adventures and more. Each release is well thought out and quintessentially 'HEIMPLANET' - with clean, versatile silhouettes and smart utility."

We are beyond happy & proud, it still feels unreal though! Thank you so much for this!

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