We met with Hookie Co. at their headquarters in Dresden, Germany. We were immediately excited by their idea of innovative all-electric mobility and very quickly found exciting opportunities for collaboration. 

The concept for the ultimate city bike THE ANT was already fixed at our first meeting. Only one thing was missing: a suitable carrying solution for THE ANT bike - bags for everyday life and also for small adventures. Bags in which you can stow away everything important, no matter where you are going!

About Hookie

A big fan of innovative ideas, CAKE was one of the brands that left their own footprints. In 2019, they launched the ÖSA platform, which combines fun with urban mobility. In early 2020, Hookie Co. took a test ride on some beautiful bikes from CAKE and they were more than excited about the ÖSA. The benefits are obvious - a bike that can do it all. An urban commuter with the potential to go for a spin in the woods to clear your head. The feedback was very peculiar, the stares on the streets were intense and Hookie Co. had many conversations about the future of motorcycling. This was one of the reasons why they fully trust in this electric movement and their first electric custom bike is based on an ÖSA+ and Lite.

The Hookie Co. vision

Hookie Co. wanted to give the ÖSA a sporty, young and artistic look. The platform with the straight main frame bar was perfect for playing with shapes. After all the different concepts, the synonym THE ANT was created for it. A platform that allows you to carry a backpack, a tent, a blanket, a jacket, a beer bag, a basketball ... and express yourself more than ever. The new main body is attached directly to the main frame of the ÖSA with some newly developed 3D-printed clamps. THE ANT offers different options to attach luggage in the front area and allows you to change your riding position instantly. The ergonomics have also been revised a little - Hookie Co. has developed a plate with a footrest system that allows you to adjust the footrests to different positions and THE ANT's seat is now almost 1cm lower than the stock seat.

To carry everything you need for a day, Hookie Co. has teamed up with us and added some bagpacks to THE ANT. Just one hook and you can easily pull them on your bike. It's up to you whether you take just one or two when carrying the stuff.

THE ANT will be available as a complete wheel and also as a branded wheel for companies and of course as a moto kit.

More at: hookie.co

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