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Alpha and Heimplanet have first created a common basis: the vision of a new culture of mobility.

Alpha and Heimplanet have first created a common basis: the vision of a new culture of mobility. Mobility that appeals to people across all generations with fun, modern and sustainable solutions. The cooperation is intended to further expand the synergetic development of automotive and outdoor products.

With the nationwide mandate for electrification fast approaching, Alpha aims to support the transition by increasing the appeal of electric vehicles. The company is developing electric vehicles for adventure, multipurpose use and high compatibility for upcycling.

The goal of Alpha's Move Humanity™ vision is to change history, break barriers and create new opportunities through innovation. Alpha aims to provide cars with personality that people can relate to by finding the right balance through technology.

Alpha strives to develop an ecosystem that thrives on technological development. From the early stages of development, Alpha's vehicles are built for multi-purpose use and are adaptable for the future through their modularity. Upcycling is a powerful ideal that keeps Alpha's technology relevant, while helping to exploit unprecedented opportunities for innovation in the field of sustainability.

The collaboration is led by exclusive research and technology development teams from Alpha Motor Corporation and Heimplanet led.

"As humans, we are at a crossroads and are just entering a new chapter in history. The old is disappearing and revolutionary new concepts are becoming a reality that we need to move forward," says Heimplanet-co-founder Stefan Clauss.

"I believe that Alpha Motor Corporation and Heimplanet are inspired by the offerings of the future and we are trying to be part of these new solutions. It is an exciting time and we are proud to be part of this new chapter," Clauss continued.

The announcement of the collaboration between Alpha Motor Corporation and Heimplanet follows last week's unveiling of Alpha's revolutionary WOLF+™, an adventurous four-passenger, all-electric, four-wheel drive vehicle.

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