Sebastian Doerk


My bucket list grows every time I drop by Instagram. I have way too many crazy friends who spend their lives floating around the globe.

Born: Bamberg, Germany

Place of residence: Zurich, Switzerland

Dream destination?

My bucket list gets bigger every time I visit Instagram. I have way too many crazy friends who spend their lives travelling the globe. The countries of the former Soviet Union, Mongolia, Alaska ... are definitely at the top of my list. South Africa, Iceland, Nepal are some countries I would like to visit more than once.


Alan Watts, Hunter S.

What does "travelling" mean to you?

Travelling has become an integral part of my life. Once you are captivated by waking up in a tiny tent on a mountain ridge in a remote place, you can't get rid of it for the rest of your life. Seeing new places, making memories, means more to me than anything money can buy.

The best experience when travelling?

Travelling means that you have to arrive somewhere, that there is a certain destination that you have to reach. My destination is a story and the people who tell it, and usually that is the most beautiful part of the journey.

Plans for the future?

Packing up the Land Cruiser and going on a world tour, building a tiny house on a mountain top or just roaming around with my Polaroid camera....

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