Kasper Høglund


Getting to places that don't necessarily have to be remote and epic and staying there.


In Norway. Unfortunately not the rocky and rugged Norway you see in pictures. I come from the flat and quiet forest country where there is a lot of snow in winter. Luckily, the mountains are right next door!


I just got rid of my flat in the city to live in a Land Rover Discovery for a while! Now I live somewhere within 40 minutes of work. On weekends and holidays I'm much further away.

Dream destination?

To be honest, I want to get the best out of Norway before I go to other places. Whenever that happens, Iceland is at the top of my list!


Photographers who can do this professionally. I wouldn't hesitate for a second if an opportunity came my way. I've spent less than a year on Instagram so far and met so many talented people. They are the ones who inspire and motivate me the most.

What does "travelling" mean to you?

Getting to places that don't have to be remote and epic, and staying there. I see so many pictures of places that would look fantastic in a different light. Spending one or more nights in new places can make the most of the place!

The best experience when travelling?

This summer I spent a week in the northern part of Norway. I boarded a plane with only a backpack and a half-planned trip. I landed on a fantastic island in Lofoten for a week. After hiking around the island for 6 days, I spent the last day in a hotel at the airport. Good thing I didn't pay extra for hot water!

Plans for the future?

Well, as I mentioned before, I got rid of my city flat. And I will now live in a Land Rover. I felt I had to stress and sacrifice to have enough time to do what I love. So I sacrificed the flat and not my friends and my hobbies!

Your 3 favourite HPT products?

Of course The Cave "Cairo Camo" has to be mentioned here. I usually camp alone, so this tent is a bit of an overkill. I love using it though, because as long as it's attached to the ground, this tent can stand in any stupid place I want!

Then there is the Monolith daypack, which I use to the full. It gets dragged through rain and snow when I go on short hikes. And it's also my work backpack! I just love the simple and cool design.

And finally, my hiking tent: Fistral! This is the tent I take with me as soon as I see the mileage increasing when planning tours. And being able to have such a wide view is fantastic when watching the midnight sun from bed in Lofoten!

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