Winter camp in the Swiss Alps

Project Wintercamp in the Swiss Alps. A tale of freezing temperatures, breathtaking altitudes, and pasta with pesto. Join Sam & Rico on their unforgettable winter adventure.

The Swiss Alps epitomize majestic peaks, deep snowy landscapes, and a unique challenge for adventurers. We wanted to take on this challenge. We – that's Sam, Rico, Tim, and Kenan. And so began an unforgettable expedition into this breathtaking region. This is our story:

Equipment and preparation

At the core of the Wintercamp was the careful selection of equipment. Two Fistral Cairo Camo and one Kirra Classic were there to provide the necessary protection against wind and cold. Avalanche gear, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and, of course, provisions rounded out our equipment. Cameras and drones were also essential to document our adventures.

Heavy loads and biting cold.

With backpacks weighing over 15 kilograms, we set out and ascended to an elevation of 2800 meters in the heart of the Alps. Daytime temperatures reached a bone-chilling -10 degrees Celsius, dropping even further to -21 degrees Celsius at night. Despite the cold, the daytime sky was always sunny, offering a stunning backdrop that almost made us forget the sub-zero temperatures.

Camping in the Alps

We set up our camp overlooking the majestic peaks on a ridge that provided breathtaking views. Meals were simple but energy-packed: classic pasta with pesto, accompanied by nuts and bars to meet our energy needs in these extreme conditions. The sunset in the icy setting of the Alps was simply breathtaking and only surpassed by the next day's sunrise.

The night sky

Just before bedtime, a gentle wind picked up, intensifying the conditions and causing the perceived temperature to drop even further (windchill). Yet, this challenging moment was rewarded by an unforgettable nighttime sky. The clear night sky over the Swiss Alps offered an unbelievable sight – right before our eyes, the Milky Way revealed itself in all its beauty.

As a team through nature.

The descent over 1400 meters required a careful strategy, where speed and safety distances on icy slopes had to be constantly considered. As a team, we navigated through snow-covered paths, adapting as best as we could to the challenging conditions.

Encounter with Backcountry skiers

At the end of our tour, we encountered backcountry skiers who were amazed, questioning whether we had actually camped in these extreme conditions. For us this highlighted the uniqueness of our endeavour and filled us with pride as we looked back on what we had achieved.

The Project Wintercamp in the Swiss Alps was not just an adventure in nature but also a journey of personal growth and unforgettable moments. We can reflect on an experience that revealed not only our personal limits but also the beauty of the winter Alpine landscape.

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