We took advantage of the cold days & snow to go on a spontaneous MAVERICKS ice hockey tour.

We once again set off on a mini winter adventure, equipped with our MAVERICKS tent, a stove, delicious food and the essentials for outdoor fun. The stage was set for an unforgettable weekend in the snow.

The journey was filled with anticipation, an exuberant mood and the prospect of a break from everyday life. The destination, a secluded place surrounded by the wintry beauty of nature, awaited our arrival.

Once we had reached our snow-covered refuge, we immediately began to clear the ice of its snow cover. With skates laced up and field hockey sticks in hand, we glided across the ice and celebrated each goal with great cheers. The MAVERICKS tent along with the stove was perfect for warming up between games - the perfect inflatable igloo.

As our mini-adventure came to an end, we were sure that this day would live long in the memory. The MAVERICKS tent, paired with winter sports and delicious meals, was the perfect recipe for a magical getaway.

If you too are looking for a short but exciting winter escape, grab your equipment and venture out into the snow - the magic of winter awaits you!

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