It's always hard to leave home, but once you do and you're out of your sweet, cushioned comfort zone, you come alive.

Hearing and yet barely seeing the surroundings. Relying on your sense of touch - without seeing. The salty air brushes your face as you sail through the sea, while the sails shake with unnerving jolts. The splashing of the bow brings an unpleasant sound to a Baltic night. As time passes and the sun begins to rise, reds, yellows, life and light brighten my vision. What remains is a feeling of longing for solitude, taking in the present and letting go of what is lost.

When you make a decision, you walk a fine line between getting nothing and getting everything, you never land in between. And when you make a decision, you have to follow your heart or your gut, whichever hurts you more ...

Some say to leave the ways of the lost. I say: go where you should not go, choose the path your soul seeks. It is easy to choose the path of least resistance, but it may not always be the right path. You won't know that either until you take the step.

When you do something that has never been done before or is rarely attempted, you tend to fail rather than succeed, which is inevitable and only makes the successes greater....

The step onto the boat, the step out of the car for the hike, the step out of the house onto the endless beach where the curves of the water await. That is what is there.

This is what makes me feel alive.

Benthik took that step. They trusted us to take it with them. Dave Quinn, Barry Mottershead, Shane Meehan, Stephen Kilfeather, Paul O'Kane, Peter Martin and myself. Thank you for life.

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