Death is the cautionary maelstrom of cold. Ice and bitter ocean that crunches and flows. Many associate darkness with morbid thoughts and a depressing life.

The harsh rain and terrain show a kind of desperate drama. Wool socks, torrential rain jackets, lined trousers and sheepskin hats soften the blow, but the nature of this land is violent. History is violent, only what we strive for is less violent. Forgotten and forgiven to a lesser degree.

Black magnetic sand claws into my clothes, rubs my face, tears apart my hope and excitement. The island's sharp wind cuts my eyelids, burning with every blink, hiding its beauty. A beauty so wild and raw, coveted by old and young. A setting that makes jaws drop and people fall silent. An environment that silences souls and lets the sweet songs of Scandinavian goddesses ring out.

The images are breathtaking, inspiring and death-defying. Jagged rocks, ancient glaciers and sub-zero salt water collide. Blue, white, black and graphite. The only grey comes from the storms that shake this Jurassic wonderland. The spirits rise and fall with the tides and the moon in the eternal darkness.

Shadows cast over the craters and snow-capped mountains. Feathered feet step into the fine sand and are blown away undetectably. The eyes struggle to adjust to the glow. Emerald green streaks amidst 300 billion lights, swaying slowly and sending the mind into an irrepressible turmoil. The heart grows larger and only the present matters. Despair is withdrawn and pleasure is rolled up. Things will change, but the memories will remain.

From the people to the landscape, an infinite enlightenment surrounds this otherworldly place. As much as this island tries to deter and degrade its beauty, the obvious becomes too obvious and strengthens the ability to negate all obstacles. Such warmth can be found in this land. You will see, you will remember.


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