Cavalleria - Rewild to Rewire

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"... and into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul." - John Muir

Our society glorifies busyness, often at the expense of genuine connection with ourselves and nature. Cavalleria addresses this longing for adventure and fulfillment, reminding us that true happiness lies in rich experiences and deep human connections, not material wealth. This growing trend towards outdoor and off-road adventures reflects our collective yearning for authenticity in a superficial world.


Where digital devices demand our constant attention, the desire to escape and reconnect with nature grows stronger. Research shows that spending time in nature, away from modern distractions, profoundly benefits our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Cavalleria offers a unique opportunity to break free from the routine and embark on an exhilarating motorcycle journey of rewilding, rewiring, and pure fun.

Why we do this

At the heart of Cavalleria lies the idea of rediscovery. Led by a caravan of experienced enduro motorcyclists, participants are taken off the beaten paths and in the wild. Throughout this experience they can rediscover their childlike wonder of the world and reignite their sense of excitement that is too often muted by the monotony of daily life. As they navigate through rugged trails and breathtaking landscapes, the thrill of adventure puts that twinkle back in their eyes, reminding them of the boundless curiosity and joy that comes with exploring the unknown.

In this endeavour, HEIMPLANET is a proud partner of Cavalleria, providing comfort and safety amidst the wilderness with our high-quality shelters. Our shared commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship ensures that each journey with Cavalleria leaves minimal impact on the land, allowing future generations to experience the same sense of awe and wonder.


The test drive

To experience the spirit of Cavalleria firsthand, we planned a four-day trip we could not wait to begin.

Day 1: Barcelona to Teruel

Excitement buzzed as we gathered our gear and loaded up the enduro bikes. Setting off from Barcelona on a crisp November morning, we headed for the rugged wilderness around Teruel, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Spain. After hours of winding roads, we arrived at Refugio Forestal Masía de Ligros, our sanctuary for the night. As the sun set, we shared stories and laughter around the campfire under the stars.

Day 2: Into the wilderness

The promise of adventure greeted us with the dawn. Geared up, we explored Teruel's rough terrain on our bikes. Our route takes us on a journey through the ever-changing landscape of the Spanish Highlands, known locally as the "Montañas Vacias" or Empty Mountains. Each turn revealed breathtaking views, showcasing nature's raw beauty. We camped near El Hoyón de Ródenas, enjoying hearty campfire cuisine and camaraderie before drifting off under a starlit sky.

Day 3: Capturing the Magic

With the sunrise, we set out to document our journey. Led by photographer Javi Echevarria and filmmaker Ot Boqué, we captured every thrilling moment. From sweeping vistas to heart-pounding action shots, each frame tells a story of adventure and exploration. Our adventure culminated in a stunning sunset near Alfambra, where we reflected on the memories created, readying ourselves for the return to civilization. 

Day 4: Homeward Bound

Reluctantly packing up, we bid farewell to Teruel's wilderness, our spirits high and souls nourished by the adventure and bonds forged. What began as a test of gear, recipes, and routes turned into a journey of discovery and connection, revealing nature's power to feed the soul and awaken the spirit.

Cavalleria adventures are carefully curated experiences, crafted to create a distraction-free environment and allowing individuals to reconnect with themselves, others, and nature. From the moment participants embark on one of their enduro motorcycle rides, they are pushed to their limits, breaking free from routine and enjoying unparalleled fun and excitement. The journey is accompanied with culinary delights, gourmet campfire dinners and best-in-class photography and film to capture the essence of each adventure. While Cavalleria is all about having fun the team is also aware of supporting local communities along the way and making sure to preserve the pristine environments they explore.

Cavalleria's adventures span 4, 5, or 6 days, each offering a unique blend of excitement, camaraderie, and self-discovery. With a great variety of different sceneries, there's something for every adventurous spirit.

Cavalleria wants to put as many people as possible into the position to participate in their journeys. That is why they also offer training bootcamps. The bootcamps aim for the same holistic experience as the expeditions but focus on learning. Gain confidence in your own abilities and learn from some of the best enduro riders in the world. This is your door to the off-road world. 

If you're ready to trade modern conveniences for the thrill of adventure and the beauty of nature, join us on a Cavalleria expedition or training boot camp. Click the button to find out more.

Meet your companions

Every great adventure is made possible by the dedication and expertise of those who bring it to life. Cavalleria is no exception, boasting a team of seasoned professionals who share a passion for motorcycles, photography, filmmaking, and culinary excellence.

Manager: Sergio Armet 

With two decades of experience in the motorcycle industry and a background as a snowboarder, Sergio Armet brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the project. As the Buell Brand Manager and founder of Kiddo Motors, Sergio has built over 50 motorcycles for clients across four continents, earning recognition as a top pick motorcycle two times at Bike Exif.

Guide: Stefan Lantschner 

A BMX legend with a diverse skill set, Stefan Lantschner is the ultimate guide for navigating the wild terrains of Cavalleria adventures. With experience as an MX racer, mechanic, stuntman, and GoPro factory specialist, Stefan's leadership ensures that every journey is as thrilling as it is unforgettable.

Chef: Kieran Creevy 

No adventure is complete without good food, and Kieran Creevy is the culinary mastermind behind the scenes. With over 20 years of experience as an expedition and private chef, Kieran has cooked his way across diverse landscapes and climates, serving up gourmet delights from basecamp tents in the Italian Alps to the Arctic tundra.

Photographer: Javi Echevarria

Javi Echevarria is the visionary behind the lens, capturing the adrenaline-fueled moments of each Cavalleria adventure with precision and artistry. A former MTB pro rider and expert MX pilot, Javi's work with major names in the motorcycle and cycling industry speaks volumes about his talent and dedication.

Videographer: Ot Boque 

Born and raised in Barcelona, OtBoque is a versatile cinematographer known for his expertise in automotive commercials. With a knack for storytelling and a portfolio boasting collaborations with brands like Yamaha, BMW, and Red Bull, Ot Boque brings a cinematic flair to every frame.

Together, this dynamic team of professionals transforms Cavalleria from a mere adventure into a life-changing journey of discovery and connection. With their passion, expertise, and commitment to excellence, they invite you to join them on the ride of a lifetime.

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Cavalleria - Rewild to Rewire

Join us on a journey of reintroduction, rewiring and pure joy - register now.

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