07, 10, 2021


As summer drew to a close and temperatures began to drop, the forecast for this weekend looked surprisingly good, even for northern Europe.

So what could be more natural than to seize the opportunity and travel to Scandinavia for a long weekend?

As our brothers from Denmark and Sweden are the European pioneers in the field of concrete skateparks, it was an easy decision for us and the Kiel skatepark designers from Anker Rampen to head north. A spontaneous trip, armed with tents and barbecue on a mission to visit as many skateparks as possible.

No sooner said than done, on Friday morning the team met in Kiel with a special guest, Freddy, a photographer from Bilbao. The mood was good and so was the weather as we started packing our bus. We took the ferry from Puttgarden to Rodby, Denmark, then to Roskilde and Copenhagen, to Malmö and drove on until we arrived at our camp near a nature reserve in the evening. Small bonus of the location, there is a rather famous and not exactly small DIY skatepark (Do It Yourself) right next door.

Saturday we spent in Malmöskate Park and made a little trip to nearby Helsingborg, where we spent the evening with a good piece of meat from the grill and the nightlife of Malmö. On Sunday, we packed up our tents and belongings and slowly headed home. It was a great experience and a great trip.

Anchor Ramps: www.anker-skateparks.com

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