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KIRRA, Cairo Camo

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KIRRA, Cairo Camo
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The newest addition to our tent line-up.


Thanks to a new variant of our Inflatable Diamond Grid (IDG), we were able to handle the struts of the Airframe more efficiently in the Kirra. This results in an equally stable tent with less weight and smaller pack size. With a footprint of 5.2 m² (inner tent 4.2 m²), Kirra weighs only 3.8 kg / 8.4lbs.


The air struts feature a durable two-layer construction: an extra airtight TPU bladder keeps the air inside and the outer jacket made of high-strength polyester fabric provides support and stability. Before an Airframe leaves production, every single bladder and every single Strut is inflated and checked for pressure loss.


Your Heimplanet tent initially consists of three parts: Inner tent, Flysheet and Airframe. Before the first use, the so-called First Assembly is carried out. This involves hooking the Flysheet into the Airframe and then attaching the inner tent to the flysheet. Don't worry, the included instructions will help you with this! To simplify this process, we use color coding that tells you which connections go where. After the first assembly the whole tent forms one unit and there are no disturbing single parts. From then on it's simply roll out, inflate and ready!


Our patented multi-chamber safety system allows you to inflate the entire Airframe (IDG) in a single step. After inflation, the Airframe can be divided into individual chambers, which ensures sufficient emergency stability in case one part is damaged, as all other struts remain stable. In addition, it is very easy to locate the defective part in order to repair or replace it.


We have significantly improved the fabric quality of our tents. From now on we use 40D High Tenacity Polyester with Double Ripstop throughout all tents. This fabric has a higher tensile strength than regular polyester yarns. Accordingly, our new tent fabric has a higher tear strength. In addition, it drapes better, rustles less and is softer to the touch.

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Pack size
30.0 x 35.0 x 25.0 cm / 11.81 x 13.78 x 9.84in
3.8 kg / 8.44lbs
5.2 m² / 55.97sq. ft. (inner tent: 4.2 m² / 45.21sq.ft.)
Inner tent height
100.0 cm / 39.37in
Total height
125.0 cm / 49.21in
Tent floor
70D Nylon DWR PU (water column: 5000 mm)
Inner tent
40D Nylon Ripstop DWR (breathable)
40D double ripstop HT polyester PU (water column: 3000 mm)
140 HPE Dacron (HT Polyester)
Inflation time
< 2 minutes (floor pump)

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