HPT Gourmet Camping

Recipe 5: Spiced Turkish coffee

After a good meal, a good coffee is a must!

Recipe 4: Fritatta of feta cheese and wild mushrooms

Fritatta of feta cheese and wild mushrooms with strained yoghurt and paprika

Recipe 3: Oatmeal

Today's dish: an oatmeal with nectarines, dark chocolate & roasted almonds

Recipe 2: Tajine

We continue with our second HPT Gourmet Camping recipe - after the starter we move on to the "main course". We serve a tajine with chicken, lemon & porcini mushrooms.

Recipe 1: Wild mushroom soup

Here we go with the first recipe from the NEW series: HPT Gourmet Camping.

HPT Gourmet Camping

Think of your favourite meal in a restaurant or at home. You can probably immediately remember the smells and tastes of these dishes!

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