19, 08, 2020

Coolever technology

Functional shirts are ideal for sports. Regular t-shirts & longsleeves are perfect for everyday wear. The HEIMPLANET COOLEVER shirts combine the best of both.

Thanks to the unique COOLEVER technology, moisture is immediately absorbed by the material, transported away from the body and thus ensures a pleasant feeling on the skin. Even after a hearty hike to the next peak or a strenuous run or workout, the T-shirts and longsleeves don't feel wet and cold - even if you've sweated a lot.

All HEIMPLANET T-shirts & longsleeves use COOLEVER technology with an improved fabric cross-section that absorbs sweat & moisture. The surface area of COOLEVER yarn is over 30% larger than yarn in conventional fabrics, allowing for faster evaporation and leaving you feeling fresh.



Within a short time, sweat and moisture are absorbed and dried, regulating the moisture content of the skin and relieving the skin.


It prevents wet fibres from raising or lowering body temperature after intense exercise, and it continuously regulates and keeps you comfortable.


After washing, the fibre dries quickly, making the clothes easy to care for. This remains reasonably durable even after repeated washing. 


  • Mix of cotton, polyester and spandex
  • very pleasant feeling & high wearing comfort
  • Quick-drying: protects your body from overheating or cooling down
  • Easy care: dries faster and creases visibly less 


When travelling, you can wash your T-shirt / longsleeve quickly and easily, and it will be dry and ready for use again in no time. Thanks to the elastane, the fabric is super dimensionally stable and stays in shape for a long time - even after frequent wearing and washing. This also makes your shirt very durable and sustainable. 

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