How much is our planet worth to you?

Sustainability is a team effort - we do it together.

The sustainability of our products and our company is our responsibility. This is precisely why we have launched various initiatives in recent years.

We are part of the 1% for the Planet network, have started developing our own fabrics such as DYECOSHELL and through our lifetime guarantee and our re-store program we take full responsibility for our products. We take all these steps to be the better alternative for you and the planet.

But as hard as we try and as committed as we are, it's worthless if it's not embraced. This Black Friday, we want to use it to highlight exactly that. We are committed to donating 30% of our sales.

However, it's up to you to decide who will benefit: You or our planet! It's simple: choose one of the discount codes below and decide now ...

... how much is the planet worth to you?

The voucher codes:

30% for the planet & 0% for you*: 30FORTHEPLANET

20% for the planet & 10% for you*: 20FORTHEPLANET

10% for the planet & 20% for you*: 10FORTHEPLANET

0% for the planet & 30% for you*: 0FORTHEPLANET






* All voucher codes are valid until November 28, 2023 (23:59 CET). Cannot be combined with other vouchers & promotions. Not valid on HPT Selected products and pre-order items. Subsequent offsetting is unfortunately not possible. No cash payment.

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