Our tips for traveling light

Space-saving and lightweight packing is a fundamental skill for any globetrotter.

Space-saving packing is a basic skill that every traveler should have. Luggage that is light and well thought out allows you to face the chaos of travel calmly and well equipped. With small luggage, you can still catch the connecting train despite delays or squeeze yourself and your luggage into the tiny bus that runs only once a day.

Of course, the luggage also reflects personal ideas of comfort and style. But if you follow a few principles, light luggage will not only save your back, but also your nerves. Because in all likelihood, your trip will not be without one or two unplanned incidents. 

Minimum Packing - Maximum Travel

The best start for light luggage is the right bag. So the best way to start is to think about what bag you want to take with you. If you first gather everything that you want to take with you and then look in which bag everything fits, it will certainly turn out larger. Ideally, you take abag that can be taken on the plane as hand luggage, for example our TRAVEL PACK 34L. Then you can fill the bag - no stuffing! It's best to start with everything on our packing list. If there is still some space left, you can choose the items that seem indispensable to you. Everything else you can safely leave at home.

As tight as possible

The following applies: Folded is smaller than crumpled. Folded becomes even smaller when rolled up. So fold your clothes neatly first and then roll them up. This way you can fill the space in the best possible way.

Do I really need it?

This should be your mantra while packing. Try not to think about every eventuality, but do not forget that traveling also means the unknown and new - you should also celebrate this while packing. If you find out on the way that you are missing something, you can usually buy it on the spot or borrow it.

All good things come in threes

This is also the perfect basic rule for the clothes you need on the road. Number 1 you wear, number 2 you wash, and number 3 you just dry. You usually don't have to change pants as often as shirts. Therefore, two pairs of long pants and one pair of shorts are usually enough.

Minimalist & clean

For your travel wardrobe, opt for simple pieces with sensible and functional details. Clothes that work everywhere. It's best to choose neutral-colored and matching garments so that you can combine them in the best possible way.

Look for functional & quick-drying materials

This doesn't just apply to your towel, but your clothes as well. A merino or cotton blend is perfect for your travel wardrobe for several reasons.

1. the pieces are also suitable for sports activities due to their functional properties, so they can be used for several situations. You do not need to take separate sportswear in doubt.

2. they dry faster than garments made of pure natural fibers. So you can also wash them optimally by hand and wear them again the next day.

3. merino has a natural anti-odor effect and can be worn several times without washing after drying and airing.

Washing clothes is always an option

When packing, it is sometimes easy to forget that other countries also have washing machines. In most accommodations you can easily have your laundry washed. And in case of need, every accommodation has a sink and running water, so you can wash your clothes yourself with a few drops of your all-purpose liquid soap. By the way, this should be an essential part of your luggage.  

Our packing list

Perfect for a longer trip. Depending on the weather/climate, you may need to adjust the list.

  • Backpack 34L
  • 3-4x Packing Cubes - to protect from moisture & dirt and to organize smaller items.
  • 3x shirts - depending on the weather combination of t-shirt, tank top and longsleeve
  • 2x long pants
  • 1x shorts
  • 3x pair of socks
  • 3x underwear
  • Hoodie or crewneck
  • Rain jacket and light down jacket if necessary
  • Cap or hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Cloth
  • comfortable running/trekking shoes
  • comfortable mules
  • Headlamp
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, small bottle of all-purpose liquid soap.
  • quick drying microfiber towel
  • Camping Mug & Cutlery
  • Camera + Battery & Cable
  • Notebook + waterproof cover if necessary
  • Smartphone & Headphones
  • Notebook & Pen
  • Frisbee
  • First aid kit
  • Tear-resistant rope - ideal as a clothesline and carabiner to attach smaller items to the outside of your backpack
  • Passport and other documents
  • Drinking bottle

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