Overland Camping

Let the route become your destination.


Overland camping is an exciting way to explore the world, enjoy the freedom of the road and get in touch with nature. The perfect choice for adventure seekers, nature enthusiasts and anyone looking for independence and flexibility on their camping trips. Whether you're traveling in an off-road vehicle, a camper van or a tent, overland camping will undoubtedly provide you with unforgettable experiences.

The essence of overland camping is mobility. It's about discovering new horizons, experiencing fascinating landscapes and connecting with nature while enjoying the comfort of camping. However, overlanding is more than just camping. It requires planning, navigation and overcoming challenges. Your equipment needs to be reliable, adaptable and easy to use.



01 Made for all conditions

Have you ever wondered why HEIMPLANET-tents look the way they do? The structure of all HEIMPLANETtents is based on the idea of the so-called geodesic structure - the lightest, strongest and most efficient structure ever developed. In geodesic tents, the struts cross several times. This divides the outer tent surface into smaller sections, providing great stability that can withstand extreme wind speeds. The use of an inflatable structure also gives the frame crucial flexibility. This means it can move with the wind, whereas a fixed pole would simply break.


02 No hassle with individual parts

With HEIMPLANETtents, the frame, Flysheet and inner tent are joined together once and function as a single unit - no need to fiddle with individual parts or thread poles. Simply unroll, inflate and off you go. So you always have your basecamp with you, no matter where you go. Especially in the dark or in adverse conditions, quick and easy handling is crucial.

03 Flexibility

The weather can be unpredictable with frequent changes of location. Our tents are known for their quick setup, even in high winds. Over the years, it is this quality that has enabled us to equip numerous expeditions around the world.

04 No limits

Overland camping is all about exploration. Many countries have the "Jedermannsrecht" or the "Right to Roam", which allows you to camp anywhere you want. Of course, this sounds fantastic for anyone looking for adventure. However, not all places can be reached by car. This is where fixed roof tents reach their limits. With your HEIMPLANET tent, however, there are no limits.



05 Wind Protection

When the weather turns being stuck on top of your car at nature's mercy might not be the most comfortable scenario. Instead quickly move your tent to the floor and use your car to your advantage by placing it strategically between you and the wind. Our tents are easy to move even when pitched. You can easily lift and move the tent grabbing the air struts.

06 Safety 

Speaking of protection, all HEIMPLANET tents are equipped with our patented safety mechanism called Multi-Chamber-Safety. This not only allows the entire tent to be erected with just one of the valves, but also ensures emergency stability in the event that part of the frame should fail.

07 Easy access

Depending on the weather conditions, being able to get in and out of your shelter quickly can be a particularly decisive advantage. This is another reason why we recommend setting up your base camp on the ground so that you can get in and out easily. This improves overall comfort enormously and helps you to enjoy your outdoor adventures with greater ease.




08 No Mileage Problems

Fixed roof tents can not only add significant weight to your car, but can also increase the car's surface area and therefore increase drag. Some studies show that fixed roof tents reduce range by up to 17% due to the additional drag and weight. This becomes especially important when gas stations become scarcer in rural areas.

09 Easy maintenance and repair

All HEIMPLANET products, including the tents, have a lifetime warranty. Although it's great to have this option, unfortunately, it doesn't help much in the moment. Unlike roof tents, tents are HEIMPLANET-tents are much simpler in structure, allowing you to easily access all parts of the tent. This is important so that you can carry out repairs yourself if necessary. The multi-chamber safety system helps you to find leaks quickly so that you know which Bladder to repair with the repair kit supplied. 

10 Perfect for groups and families

Quick set-up time, reliable protection from the elements, easy access and the ability to make quick repairs are even more important when traveling with children. Using a ground tent also means that the size of your car is no limit to the size of your camp. Even with a smaller car, you can transport a tent that comfortably accommodates you and your family.



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